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The White Dress

While shooting for our zed card, we found an amazing location that went perfectly with the beautiful white dress worn by Stephanie. Between the colors of the surroundings, the architecture of the location, and the design of the white dress, it gave the pictures a feeling that was sexy with a hint of elegance to it.

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  • Stephanie staring down the camera during a photo shoot with Black Door Media
  • Changing the camera up for a portrait layout during a photoshoot with Stephanie for Black Door Media
  • Stephanie glancing over her shoulder and adjusting during a photo session with Black Door Media
  • Moving to the water fountain for a sexy picture during a Black Door Media photo session with Stephanie
  • Sexy shot of Stephanie in her white dress during a Black Door Media photo session
  • Stephanie modeling her white dress during a photo session with Black Door Media

For editing purposes, we used Camera Raw to adjust the saturation, vibrance, and clarity. We also sharpened the images. The combination made them pop just a little bit more and for the final cleanup we went to photoshop.

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