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Swing Set Fun

We took some time to get some shots on a swing set in Desert Breeze Park. Since we had already shot a bunch of photos in a dress on the grass, the jeans and top were a nice change of pace. This happened to be our last outfit change before we called it a day and packed it in.

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  • We took some time to grab a short set of photos on the swing set with Stephanie. Photos by Black Door Media
  • Full body shot of Stephanie on the swings by Black Door Media
  • Stephanie swinging on the swings during photo shoot with Black Door Media
  • Stephanie pretending to contemplate whether to swing or not for fun with Black Door Media
  • Stephanie letting the breeze flow through her hair during a photo session with Black Door Media

For the editing, we adjusted the saturation to make the colors pop just a bit more. We also did some contrast fixes and a few other light changes. The photo shoot was done with a Nikon camera with editing done in Photoshop and Camera Raw.

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