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Zed Card

We shot a few random photos with a couple of different outfits with Stephanie for a possible zed card. These happened to be a few of our favorites from the shoot in this location. A few were taken on the patio of a restaurant that was closed during the daytime. The colors of her outfit went along nicely with the decor and the colors of her surroundings. The other outfit was shot on a set of stairs not far away where we tried shooting with a simple tank top and jeans.

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  • Stephanie acting calm, cool, and collected while modeling during a Black Door Media photo shoot
  • Stephanie posing for a closer up shot during a Black Door Media photo session
  • Stephanie pulling of a Charlie's Angels pose during a photo session with Black Door Media
  • Stephanie seated at Tivoli Village during a photo shoot with Black Door Media
  • Stephanie rocking a tank top and jeans on the steps of Tivoli Village with Black Door Media
  • Stephanie shooting at Tivoli Village with Black Door Media

The majority of color correction and color editing was done using Adobe’s Camera Raw before the photo was exported to photoshop for the final clean up.

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