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A Vegas Nite Party Bus

A Vegas Nite Party Bus is a client offering party bus services in Las Vegas that we worked with to build custom forms for bookings, along with a responsive website design and blogging system. Organically, Google has several of the website’s pages ranking from page 1 to 5 of their search engine before they adjust for things such as location and other factors. We’re also currently helping A Vegas Nite Party Bus with their Google Adwords campaign.

A Vegas Nite Party Bus, Responsive Website Designed by Black Door Media

The slideshow photos used on A Vegas Nite Party Bus on their fleet page were taken and edited by Black Door Media and optimized for the website. Ads from Google are tracked so the company knows exactly which keywords are creating a profit and which are not, and the emails received include this information so they have the records at their fingertips. The responsive design also hides and unhides certain aspects of the website to make it more pleasing based on the users device.

If you’d like to see our work on this website, visit A Vegas Nite Party Bus.

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