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Martin Douglas

MartinDouglas.info is a dynamic designed websites that changes up based on the device used. The slideshow shown on the front page, and shown on various pages in the photography section is a plugin designed specifically by us and built into the theme. Because the photos for that plugin are stored in a different area than WordPress stores other uploads, we also added functions to work in conjunction with the Yoast SEO plugin to ensure those photos get indexed by search engines such as Google.

Martin Douglas, Dynamic Website Design by Black Door Media

The videos, photos, and graphics shown on that site were all designed by Black Door Media. Caching of code and images, along with deferments of javascript, were all done in a way to optimize load times and to ensure everything is loaded in the proper order. The dynamic serving was done to limit image requests for mobile users since thumbnails would not be pleasing to the design on such a small device and would slow down loading times.

If you’d like to check out our work on this website, visit Martin Douglas.

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