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On Guard Fire Protection

On Guard Fire Protection was a client we picked up to modify the website from a previous Web Designer who had not finished. While the previous web designer did a great job, there were several things the clients wanted changed from the design. We added several pages of content and changed a bit of the code to improve how well it ran. We also set the website up in such a way that it will be easy for the clients to add their own content in the future and have it flow with the rest of the website.

On Guard Fire Protection, Website modified from original to be a responsive design by Black Door Media

One of the biggest issues with the website is that is was not optimized for mobile use. We reworked the code to change the original design to one that was 100% responsive, giving them a Google user experience score of 100% on mobile devices according to Google’s pagespeed rankings. With Google weighing mobile experience more heavily in the search engine rankings, this was one change that was desperately needed to improve their website.

If you’d like to check out our work on this website, visit On Guard Fire Protection.

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