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Fit and Fashionable

Fit and Fashionable is an online magazine website designed using the Yii Framework, which is set up slightly different from WordPress but allows for much greater control over databases and tables. While we usually recommend WordPress for most of our clients due to ease of use and the availability of plugins, a framework such as Yii allows for great scaling and can handle heavier web traffic than a WordPress site could although it takes much more work to set up.

Fit and Fashionable Dynamic Web Design by Black Door Media

For Fit and Fashionable, we combined it with bootstrap for the slideshows, although decided to go with dynamic serving over responsive. The reason for this is due to the amount of images being sent to a desktop. For speed on a mobile device, requesting so many images for so many categories could have slowed down the website for those on slower networks using a phone. By using a dynamic setup, we were able to modify how many categories, and images for those categories and articles are sent for different types of networks. This gives a great experience for mobile users and also desktop users.

If you’d like to see our work on this website, visit Fit and Fashionable.

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